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Volgende week wordt het winnende concept voor het jaarlijkse AMFI magazine gekozen. Tot en met volgende week maandag presenteren zes teams hun ideeën. In het Engels. Vandaag Unfold.

In short: Unfold: A slower view on Fashion, Design and Culture. Team: Esmee Faber, Edith Scharloo, Milou Verhoeven, Adriana Fox Hopper, Anne Salden, Vera Westenberg.

The Concept: Unfold magazine is centered around the idea of Slow Design. Opposed to the current fast pace of living and the consumer-materialism, we actually want to slow down. By focusing on the processes and deeper meaning of artifacts, we dive into the essence where they come from and how they are made. We do this by looking at local craftsmanship and sustainable innovation in the fields of fashion, design and culture.

Fashion Vision: Unfold believes in Slow fashion and therefore stands for timeless pieces and high quality, bringing back forgotten materials or techniques. We think you should cherish your clothes because of the deeper meaning behind it that makes it special for you, and this way use fashion to work towards a brighter future.

Not to miss: Carolyn Strauss. Founder of Slowlab, an expert in the field of slow design and above all a greatly inspiring woman who shares her personal thoughts on how to live your life more consciously and slowly.

Notable: Since our name is Unfold, our cover is folded and we want our readers to dive into the topic of Slow design and slowly unfold new insights.  After a series of concept ideas on personal stories, valuing processes and telling the story behind a piece of work we found the one missing link that tied all ideas together: slow design.

* Last week students in the magazine program at AMFI – Amsterdam Fashion Institute – presented a trial issue of a new magazine. Out of the 6 teams, a jury of independent fashion & magazine professionals will pick one that will form the base for the 2014 magazine of the Amsterdam Fashion Institute.

The minor Independent Fashion Magazines offers students the opportunity to produce a new fashion independent that is published for real and sold worldwide.

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