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Do you like Mondaze magazine?

Volgende week wordt het winnende concept voor het jaarlijkse AMFI magazine gekozen. Tot en met volgende week maandag presenteren zes teams hun ideeën. In het Engels. Vandaag als eerste: Mondaze.

Magazine: Mondaze: fashion that guides you. Team: Claudine Budel, Loes Huizing, Haley Koehn, Naomi Damwijk, Sofia Giostrelli.

Intro line: Exploring the various stages of the bored mind through fashion.

The concept: Mondaze is divided into five various chapters related to the stages of the bored mind. We use head-tilting fashion and humorous yet educating content to be the solution to our readers’ state. Starting with the least intense state to bored out of your mind, each chapter will provide insight into the minds of rising artists, upcoming designers and personal stories.

Fashion Vision: Unbore yourself with fashion by combining surprising shapes, textures, materials and prints, blending high street fashion with emerging designer clothes.

Not to miss: Have you ever wondered what people are actually willing to do for the astonishing cheap price of 5 bucks? We went on to commission some serious fashionistas.

Notable: No models were harmed in the making of this magazine, except for the occasional hairspray inhalation while shooting the image for our article about raw denim and the dirty hair trend.

* Last week students in the magazine program at AMFI – Amsterdam Fashion Institute – presented a trial issue of a new magazine. Out of the 6 teams, a jury of independent fashion & magazine professionals will pick one that will form the base for the 2014 magazine of the Amsterdam Fashion Institute.

The minor Independent Fashion Magazines offers students the opportunity to produce a new fashion independent that is published for real and sold worldwide.

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