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Do you like Vanguard?

Volgende week wordt het winnende concept voor het jaarlijkse AMFI magazine gekozen. Tot en met volgende week maandag presenteren zes teams hun ideeën. In het Engels. Vandaag Vanguard.

In short: Vanguard is a fashion independent that shows that denim is more than just a pair of jeans. Team: Alex Bisschop, Romy Pereny, Yoeri Jonker, Xie Xiangning, Luna Michel, Purdey Lines.

The concept: Denim is art; it is ever evolving because of technology and cultural influences. This magazine is made for the vanguards that change the way we see denim and want to see another side of it. To make it exciting and different, and show how it touches everything – from recycling plastic bottles into denim yarn to creating incredible art made from old jeans.

Fashion vision: The world has taken denim for granted and does not see its full potential.

Not to miss: Pharrell Williams, Bionic Yarn & G-Star RAW create jeans partially made from recycled plastic from the ocean. The best thing is: they feel as amazing as you’d expect from normal jeans!

Notable: A denim magazine based on two major themes: personal stories and recycling.

* The minor Independent Fashion Magazines offers students the opportunity to produce a new fashion independent that is published for real and sold worldwide. Last week students in the magazine program at AMFI – Amsterdam Fashion Institute presented a trial issue of a new magazine. Out of the 6 teams, a jury of independent fashion & magazine professionals will pick one that will form the base for the 2014 magazine of the Amsterdam Fashion Institute.

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