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Do you like Casey?

Deze week wordt het winnende concept voor het jaarlijkse AMFI magazine gekozen. Zes teams presenteren hun ideeën. In het Engels. Vandaag de laatste, Casey.

In short: Casey exaggerates, twists and questions fashion clichés and human stereotypes in order to inform and entertain the reader. Team: Maria Backman,  Lete Hulscher , Adoracion Maraleda, Jaleesa Sulman, Terrell Tate.

The concept: Casey shows that there’s more to fashion clichés and human stereotypes than meets the eye. We are here to break the preconceived notions by exaggerating, twisting and questioning clichés in order to entertain and inform our reader. We catch our reader’s eye with the recognizable cliché and keep them reading with the content. At first glance Casey might look like a regular glossy but once you have a second look it becomes evident that it is an independent magazine.

Fashion vision: Casey uses well-known high street brands in unconventional shoots to show that even clichéd brands can be exciting.

Not to miss: Who wore it best- Google Glasses: 4 iconic men (Sir Elton John, Karl Lagerfeld, Riff Raff and Stevie Wonder ) portrayed wearing the Google glasses. The competition is on- who wore it best?

Notable:  Handbag glossy meets independent- at first glance you might think Casey is a regular glossy but when you look closer you will be truly surprised by the content.

* The minor Independent Fashion Magazines offers students the opportunity to produce a new fashion independent that is published for real and sold worldwide. Last week students in the magazine program at AMFI – Amsterdam Fashion Institute presented a trial issue of a new magazine. Out of the 6 teams, a jury of independent fashion & magazine professionals will pick one that will form the base for the 2014 magazine of the Amsterdam Fashion Institute.

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