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Volgende week wordt het winnende concept voor het jaarlijkse AMFI magazine gekozen. Tot en met volgende week maandag presenteren zes teams hun ideeën. In het Engels. Vandaag Tie.

In short: An independent fashion magazine that explores the possibilities of the definition of ordinary. Team: Janice van Alebeek, Louise Sofie Garborg Versjager, Nina Giglio, Yolanda De Hoz Olivares, Sine Lund, Justine Wouterson.

The concept: Tie shows the beauty in the (extra)ordinary. We like it when it’s new, captured in the moment, original, free, fresh and leading you to reflect on the ordinary things. We believe that by displaying expressions of creativity we can reveal the (extra)ordinary aspects of daily life, as creativity is the fuel to make common into special.

Fashion Vision: Tie takes joy in the unexpected combinations that produce friction. It is the clash of prints, materials, textures, the opposites forced to live together. The things that ‘officially’ don’t match, but actually go well together. We pay attention to detail, good quality, comfort and we long for special items that we can identify with.

Not to miss: We show that trash turned into delicious meals is not that disgusting as you would think – and give you all the tips to get started on eating trash yourself on our Dive and Dine article. From dumpster diving to trash dining, Tie brings food from the trashcan to your dining table, turning ordinary garbage into delicious delicacies.

Notable: As unpredictable is a major part of ordinary life, one of our photoshoots had to be moved midway through – the studio closed early, which wasn’t communicated to us, and models, stylists, photographer and hair & makeup personnel were thrown out on the street. The whole crew got in a cab and the shoot ended up being done in the living room of one of our team members.

* The minor Independent Fashion Magazines offers students the opportunity to produce a new fashion independent that is published for real and sold worldwide. Last week students in the magazine program at AMFI – Amsterdam Fashion Institute presented a trial issue of a new magazine. Out of the 6 teams, a jury of independent fashion & magazine professionals will pick one that will form the base for the 2014 magazine of the Amsterdam Fashion Institute.

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